Ryan Wood. 


California > Pennsylvania > Montana > Afghanistan > Chicago.


I specialize in the creation of high-end visual effects content including compositing, finishing and CGI/3D animation. In addition to editorial VFX, I also enjoy the opportunity to work as an on-set VFX supervisor; this role allows me to collaborate with production teams to assure that footage is captured optimally with the vision of the finished product in mind.


I work as a Flame Artist and VFX supervisor alongside talented design teams to create original, award winning, feature film and commercial content for a widespread variety of clients.  


Learning is a hallmark of my life. Whether I am experimenting with new setups in Autodesk Flame and Nuke or figuring out how to make quicker passes in Cinema 4D, my job requires constant teaching and incredible patience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Work is not a chore; it is an exciting and ever changing challenge.

Inspired by education and creativity, everyday I strive to learn something new.




Contact me : ryanawood@live.com